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The Company

A little bit about us

Founded in 2017, NEKT Ventures is a technology transfer investment firm based in Mexico that specializes in bringing the best of technological development from Israel to the Americas.

Set apart through its commitment to technological development and its knowledge on several industries across the Americas region, NEKT has a solid foundation that is strengthened by its diversified array of Partners and Advisors.

While the US remains the largest economy in the world with a wide arrange of opportunities in Cyber, Bio-tech, Agro-tech and Water-tech, Latin America ranks among the lowest-tech economies yet has a vast population of 625M inhabitants and an aggregated GDP of 4.5 Trillion Dollars. Additionally, because of its privileged geographic location and commercial ties, Mexico is the perfect bridge for entering the United States. Clearly, the Americas represent a tremendous opportunity for Israeli successful technologies expansion.

NEKT Cybersecurity is currently our largest division and markets half a dozen cybersecurity technologies that service both the private and public sectors in Mexico. Cybersecurity in Latin America is a big market, unlike Israel’s “homeland” nature, our market is defined by needs to protect from:

a) Organized Crime
b) Population and street insecurity
c) Hacking in the financial, health and telecommunications sectors


Our Divisions

Nekt participates in three main industries in Latin America.


Our Cybersecurity division has a diverse and innovative portfolio that includes a wide range of products from protecting from IoT attacks to mobile applications.


NEKT Sustainability brings solutions to Mexico and Latin America ranging from biofuels to renewable packaging.


NEKT can invest in different technological solutions, either in the parent company or in the regional branch.

Our Founding Team


Our partners have a diverse and successful background in business, technology, sustainability, media, business development, entrepreneurship and more.


Manuel Rivera

CEO & Partner


Fernando Fernández de Córdova



Victoria Asch

COO & Partner


Daniel Fernández de Córdova

CTO & Partner

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